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The Golden Lining

Posted in Uncategorized by theirishlion on March 5, 2010

If you haven’t yet checked the link to my first blog, the original “From the Mind of Kyle Biggs,” I’ll tell you now that I am an avid sports fan. The rapid momentum swings that can occur in basketball are unrivaled; the relaxed feel of America’s sport make baseball good for anyone. My true passion, however, lies with football.

Particularly college football.

Particularly Notre Dame Fighting Irish football. ( is the proof)

The Cincinnati Bengals, my hometown team and favorite NFL team (despite the questionable ownership) are in desperate need of a receiving threat. With only Chad Ochocinco and Andre Caldwell serviceably catching passes, double teams were able to shut down the Bengals’ air attack quite effectively. Adding another legitimate receiver with speed, potential, and immediate big-play ability is a must in the upcoming draft.

Enter Golden Tate.

I know, I know. I’m biased. But the hype is real.

Let’s analyze this: the Bengals need speed and a big play threat, and Tate ran in the low 4.4s at the combine. The Bengals need a receiver to step in right away, and Tate has experience running in an offense that was coached by an NFL mind.

Special teams help? Imagine Bernard Scott and Golden Tate setting up to return kicks together. Dear opponent, pick your poison. Or just pooch kick it and give us solid field position without wearing us down. Either way, it’s dangerous.

And finally, the Bengals need to draft for character. Golden Tate is mature. Golden Tate has no baggage (or luggage. Cough thatkidfromOklahomaState Cough). Golden Tate is prepared to work as if he knows he will be an NFL great one day.

I am familiar with him, and thus I admit I may (partially) be biased. But you do not need to be a Notre Dame fan to know that Tate has the skills. Watch film of the USC game last season. Tate owned Taylor Mays, and showcased the strongest hands in this draft class. On more than one occasion he made catches by snatching the ball over his head, without losing his feet.

Please, Bengals. I beg you. I’m petitioning for you to take Tate in the first round, with the 21st pick. I can see the Golden lining in the situation.

Plus, I would really just like to buy a Golden Tate Bengals jersey. I could get Ndukwe, a Notre Dame alum on the defensive side of the ball for the squad, but I want to wear the jersey of a guy who WILL make big plays for the offense.


“Welcome to Mystery” > “Painting Flowers”

Posted in Music by theirishlion on March 4, 2010

As an avid follower of alternative music, and a follower of many different types of music in general, I jumped on the opportunity to purchase the album “Almost Alice.”

“Almost Alice” is music inspired by Tim Burton’s remake of “Alice in Wonderland,” and I was surprised to see the number of alternative artists on the album. I got into alternative a few years ago, and since then I have been perfectly content with my little niche. I can follow artists such as All Time Low, 3Oh!3, Cobra Starship, and The Maine, and it does not offend me that it is rare to hear these artists on the local radio stations. I enjoy having this little secret that is brilliant music.

However, when I see All Time Low featured on an MTV spot in anticipation of their new album, I get a bit excited. It makes me proud, in a superficial sort of way, to know that I discovered a brilliant band with a lot of potential before most other people. My friend over at told me to look them up one day, and it was a match made in Heaven from there. And I got super pumped when everyone was asking “who is that band singing ‘Don’t Trust Me?’ They’re awesome” because I then had a chance to turn on the track “Rich Man,” turn the bass all the way up, and give them all a proper introduction to the artists known as 3Oh!3 (again this does not include my man at “Twenty Life” because we approached each other about the boys from Boulder on the same day. I guess you can consider us the Forefathers of finding great music).

What does this have to do with anything, you ask? Allow me to get back to my original intent. While it was great to see my favorite, lesser-known bands making it onto a very-exposed album, I was equally surprised at one of the tracks on the album: “Welcome to Mystery” by the Plain White T’s. It has the feel of a classic, slowed-down epic; it is very similar to Pink Floyd in my ears, and this is not a bad thing.

I listened to my newly purchased album (courtesy of an Apple iTunes gift card) for the first time expecting All Time Low’s track to be the best by default. That’s why they are my favorite: if it’s by ATL, it’s better than anything by anyone else automatically. But for the first time, this was certainly not the case. ATL’s track “Painting Flowers” is a brilliant change up from their original style (as are several tracks from their newest album, “Nothing Personal”), offering fans a fresh sound. But “Welcome to Mystery” was on a different level.

Remember, these are just my opinions. All Time Low is my favorite band, far and away, thus it cannot be understood what a titanic upset in Track vs. Track history this was in my eyes. And this underdog victory for the Plain White T’s only adds to the brilliant sound of their track. The song just seems to be reeking of Tim Burton-esque quality, and fits perfectly with the unique feel the new “Alice” film has.

“Welcome to Mystery” is a brilliant, fresh, and perfect sound to go with this oddball film, tapping into the growing popularity of unique media. When you see the crazy (borderline creepy) images in a preview for the film, this is the sound you expect to hear. It simply works.

Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, and the Cheshire Cat: the perfect storm for an alternative sound.

From the Mind of Kyle Biggs

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Welcome to the Mind of Kyle Biggs, a place where suprising things lurk in dark corners and where intelligent thought is worshiped like an idol.

I firmly believe in gathering and storing as much information as possible, because one can never know enough:

“Take fast hold of learning, for she is thy life.”

I ventured into blogging once before, and it went fairly well. Sports was the focus under the same title you see here. But now the Mind of Kyle Biggs shall expand, and all things  life will be considered. Ramblings, opinions, quotes, observations, news, images and general thoughts will herein be contained.

I will treat this page as my journal, my companion, my safeplace for thought. It will be my own Gospel.

I would enjoy it if you would partake.